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The Charity of Islam

Death is running through Somalia like a weasel through a hen house, cutting a wide indiscriminate swath through the population and leaving weeping parents to bury their dead children. Don’t waste your tears on these unfortunate mothers and fathers, because in no time at all they will be joining their children in the bone yard.

In this blighted land on the horn of Africa, like so many other places, it is the young who are the first to fall beneath the grim reaper’s savage blade. I, who live in a land of plenty, a land filled with grocery stores bursting at the seams with fruit, meat, vegetables and other things too numerous to mention, can only watch in horror as this human tragedy unfolds, and wring my hands at the senselessness of it all.

There is no need for all these people to die, not in this day and age anyway, because we have the means to halt this famine in its tracks. There is plenty of food, water by the bucket full, and medicine by the boat load to be given to these unfortunate wretches. What is lacking, or seems to be lacking is the political will to do anything about it.

I don’t mean the will of the western countries, the Christian nations of the world, because they are doing their part. All across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, people are sending in their pennies, nickels and dimes. Food, water, medicine are piling up in warehouses and being shipped to Somalia, and this is where the flood life’s necessary things comes to a crashing halt.

The rebels, the Islamic fundamentalists, the ones who are fighting for control, the ones who want to be the next government are preventing aid from getting to the people they want to rule. The Ironic thing in this senseless catastrophe is that the rest of the Islamic world doesn’t seem to care. Not the African league, because though the world food bank has only a three week supply, they do not intend to meet until two weeks from now.

They wealthy Arab nations, with mattresses overflowing with oil money seem to be keeping their purse strings drawn and their pockets buttoned tight. I can’t understand their silence, their reluctance to reach out a helping hand to their Muslim brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Where is the Red Crescent in all this? Have they taken an extended vacation until eleven million people die?

What is keeping them from doing the right thing? Is it because the ones who are starving are Sunnis, and the ones with the shekels are Shite, or vice-versa? Even if that is the case, why should it matter? Isn’t Mohammad the prophet of both sects? Isn’t Allah the one true God of Sunni and Shite alike? Is this difference in belief worth bickering over when, so much is at stake?

Personally from the outside looking in, I don’t see why it even matters. Such small details are always unimportant to a Christian. We too have our theological divisions. There are so many different Christian faiths, that most of us would be hard pressed to name them all, and each one of them practices Christianity in a different way. But when it comes down to one group needing help from another one, we put are differences aside and do all in our power to help our Christian brothers and sisters.

Why is it that every time a world calamity like floods, earth quakes, tsunamis, fires and famines occur, it is the Christian nations of the earth that are expected to give until it hurts? The Arab nations, or at least most of them have the means and money to send soldiers in to quell the rebels and provide safety for the aid workers, so why don’t they. After all it is followers of their religion who are suffering and dying every day.
I have an answer to the above question, but I have no intention of telling you what it is. I prefer to let you do a little leg work and find it for yourself. Here is a clue, the answer to this question can be found in the pages of the New Testament, as well as so many other worthwhile things.

Before I climb down from my soapbox, I have a question for Muslims around the world. When you stand before Allah on judgement day, and He asks why you didn’t do everything in your power to save the Somalia’s from starvation, what will your answer be?

It is not my intention to cast disparaging remarks at the Islamic religion, or to question its beliefs, because Muslims are entitled to practise the faith of their choice in their own way. What I want to know is how so many people that have so much money can stand by without lifting a hand to help those less fortunate than they are, no matter their belief, the way most Christians do?


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Where have all the Children Gone

They pray in the highlands,
the pray in the cities,
they pray on the desolate plains.

They pray for the monsoons
to bless them with moisture,
but all over Somalia
there’s not one drop of rain.

The land is turning into a desert,
filled with the dying,
filled with hungry children,
weeping for a little food.

The larders once overflowing,
are now empty and barren.
All over the land,
there is not one speck of grain.

The warlords, the politicians
are caught up in their uncaring games.
They posture for dominance,
and blame each other
for the plight of the land.

While the greedy fill their pockets.
While the rich fill their bellies.
Mothers bury their children,
and lie down beside them
on a dry dusty plain.

When all of the wrangling
about who’s cause is just
is over and done,
and the land lies empty of children,
will anyone be able to claim
that it was their side that won.

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Lands under Seige

Once again that scourge of mankind, drought, stalks the horn of Africa, covering vast areas beneath its haunting shadow, and leaving death and desolation in its wake. Eleven-million people, men, women, and worst of all children are threatened with dehydration and starvation. They call to the world, call to us for help.

It is our duty to answer. We must do everything in our power, no matter how little it is to come to their aid, and come now before it is too late. The logistics of supplying so many people with the basic needs of life, food, water, shelter, medicine, are daunting to say the least, but if we can send men to the moon, and plan a voyage to mars, spend billions on wars; then with a united effort we can do this. If we don’t, the greatest tragedy in human history will take place.

I for one don’t want the blood of eleven-million on my hands, and I doubt if you do either. Pick up the torch, put your shoulder to the wheel and let us see if we can’t prevent this catastrophe from happening.

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