I am Brother of the Wolf

I am brother of the wolf,

cousin of black bear,

father of otter,

son of wolverine.


I abide with beaver in his lodges,

make wet lands grow

from rippling streams.


I am everybody.

I am nobody.


I hunt with grey owl.

Feathered wings,

slice silent through midnight air,

beneath shimmering silver moon,

leaving fearsome shadows in our wake.


I am great snow goose,

honking my flock northward northward,

ever northward,

through star sprinkled night

to nesting grounds beside great salt bay.


I am red robin’s trill,

that stirs you from your slumber.


I am everyone.

I am no one.


I am jeweled lakes,

scintillating in summer sunrise,

mirroring morning sky softt

upon my purple deep.


I am flooding river,

raging, roaring,

gouging gorges

from bones of earth.


I am first forest,

towering forever green,

sheltering myriad life.


I am everywhere.

I am nowhere.


I am south wind.

whispering trees awake,

when last snowflake fades,

calling trillium,

calling violet,

calling lady slipper,

to cover hidden,

distant dells, with

radiant glory.


I am north wind.

rocking trees to their sleep,

when Manitou opens His treasure house,

fills iron grey sky,

feather white,

lanketing the earth with his rest.


I am everything. I am nothing.


I am brother of the wolf.









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