We who knew you,

miss you deep,

now that you’ve gone

to your long, long sleep.


But your face

in the morning sky,

your smile

in a rainbow,

your laughter

on the wind,

will help in

our remembering.


Until comes

our final day,

when we too,

who are of

mortal clay,

pass far beyond

the dim dark veil,

and meet you

once again..


In loving memory

Jerry “Topper” Toppazzni (1931-2012)

John William Rice (May 1-2012)

My dear friend, Jerry passed away a few days ago. He was with out a doubt a great man. His many accomplishments included, playing for the Boston Bruins, running the best bar in Sudbury, winning coach of the year, while coaching the Sudbury Wolves

I wrote this poem to honour him



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One response to “REMEMBERING

  1. Your beautiful poem, “Remembering” brought tears to my eyes…lovely and poignant!

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