Only in Canada

Only in Canada* It is interesting to know that the federal Government of Canada allows   :

  • A monthly pension of :        $1,890.00 to a simple refugee
  • plus : 580.00 in social aid


  • A grand total of : $2,470.00 monthly

X 12 months

$28,920.00 annual income

� By comparison, the Old Age Pension of a senior citizen who has contributed to the development of Our Beautiful Big Country during 40 or 50 years, CANNOT receive more than :

  • Amount/month $1,012.00 in Old Age Pension and Guaranteed      Income Supplement

X 12 months

$12,144.00 annual income

  • A difference of : $16,776.00 per year

This does not include child support of $500.00 per month, English language training (which they will try not to use), Free Health Care & Free schooling for their children.

* Perhaps our senior citizens should ask for the Status of Refugees instead of applying for Old Age Pension.

* Let us send this message to as many Canadians as possible, and maybe the allowance of refugee could then be reduced to $1,012.00, and that of our Canadian pensioners raised to $2,470.00 per month. (who actually deserve it) the money that they have been paying in income taxes for 40 or 50 years,



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