Assault on our Canadian Identity

Another school board has decided to deny Canadian children the right and privilege of receiving a free bible because they want to appear politically correct, and not upset new immigrants whose faith differs from our own. The authorities seem to have forgotten that it is because of our Christian heritage, and only because of our Christian heritage that we welcome people of all faiths, all colours, and all cultures to our shores in the first place.


All we ever ask in return is that they respect our culture, our way of life and not try to make our country like the one they left.


During my working life, I have met many new comers to Canada, and when I’ve asked them what made them travel thousands of miles to a new land, and in some cases face dangers that I can’t even imagine, their answer for the most part has always been, “To provide a better life for my children.” This laudable motivation is something I understand, something most Canadians can understand, because for the most part this is what gets us out of bed in the morning, carries us through the work day, and brings us home at night.


But how can you provide your children with a better life when you still cling to ideals that limit their freedom to make their own choices when it comes to clothing, friends, marriage and religion. The answer is, you can’t, and as long as you live the way you always have, your children can never embrace or experience the freedoms that Canada has to offer.


Some of you or perhaps all of you who read this will consider me a racist, a bigot, but before you tilt your lance and charge away on your high horse, consider this for a moment, how many, if any non-Christian countries would consider opening their doors, stretching out the welcome mat for people of another faith? How many of them would permit us to practise our faith openly? Personally I believe the answer is, there aren’t any.


Canadians are the first to open their purse strings when disaster strikes anywhere in the world. We send our young men to fight and die for the freedom of others, and ask nothing in return. We are the first to defend the right of others to live and worship as they please. We do not deny anyone the right to pray five times a day, but we will deny our children the right to receive a free bible.


I feel that it is a privilege and a blessing to be a Canadian, and a large part of what makes us unique in the world is our Christian heritage. If and when we lose this, I wonder will we still welcome immigrants so warmly?


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