Out of Town

I am in Northbay visiting relatives for a few days. helping them out with electrical troubles, replacing the bottom element in a stove, leaking faucets and a washing machine that has an agitator that doesn’t work.

so far I’ve resolved the electrical troubles which consisted of two short ciruits and a bare wire in the fuse panel.

still to be done are the stove, washinbg machine and the faucet repairs. parts are required for these.since my family lives in the country and because gas is going sky high we only go when there is more than one thing to do.

My sister Betty has several very adorable great-grand chilkdren and she is baby sitting one of them today, A two year old little girl called Ariel. She is a dynamo, the energizer bunny  in white tights. For a two year old she is very intelligent. she already uses complete sentences and has a large vocabulary.

one moment she is riding her horsy, the next she is having a tea party, or playing in a house made from blankets, the next moment she has everyone up dancing.

she didn’t go to daycare today because of a cold, and her mom is studying dentaly hygene at a local community college.


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