Kingdom of Dark Kingdom of Light

My novel, “Kingdom of Dark Kingdom of Light,” will be avaliable soon at Smashwords in all ebook reader formats. keep watching my blog for updates.

Claws that Crush

Twelve-year-old Burt Safford curled up into a tight ball on the wet grass, closed his indigo eyes and tried to shut out the screams of the dying girl. The harder he tried, the louder they seemed to grow. Each pitiful cry mingled with the clicking of bony claws and a loud slurp, slurp, slurp.

An image of slimy sucking mouths and rasp like tongues filled his mind with terror. He wished the dark swirling fog would hide him from the two beasts devouring Aldana. He wished he was safe at home in his bed. He wished the terrifying wails would end. Yet he knew when the final death rattle came and in time it would, he would be their dessert.


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