Music Box Dreamer

“A new club called the The Golden Lilly is having its grand opening tonight and the Nat King Cole Trio are going to be there.”   Tommy’s rather loud, “I love his music but do you think I can get in with my uniform,” got him a sharp elbow in his right side.   Annie whispered, “Hush,” and then added, “My Mr. Soldier boy, that uniform is the key to this city and everything in it.”   The pair of lovers, with arms locked around each other eased their way along the side of the building until they reached a narrow alleyway. They turned to their left and walked through the darkness towards the gleaming street lights.   In a light hearted voice Annie asked, “Do you know any bawdy poems?”   “I know a few, now where should I begin? There was a young man from Timmins/ That loved to fondle wimmen, His greatest delight/ Was when he caught a sight/ Of their, nubile, naked bodies smimmin.”   Soft girlish giggles filled the autumn night air, “Your naughty but I liked it.” She reached behind her back and pulled his hand southward. Southward until it rested on her round, soft, bouncing bottom.


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