Music Box Dreamer

“There’ll be no buts from you young lady. Your mother’s right it’s our duty to give our brave soldiers a rousing send off.”   Since that war was lost Ann foster turned her eyes to her betrothed. Her voice was full of pleading, “Come with me Bertie so it won’t be a total bore.”   “I’d love to dear but your father and I have a lot of important business decisions to make. Besides entertaining soldiers is woman’s work. Now run along and be a good girl.”   Annie stomped across the parlour floor leaving footprints in the blue Persian carpet. She stopped two feet away from her mother, “Whatever happens will be on your head mother.”   “My word girl, what on earth do you mean?”   A devilish grin flashed across her beautiful face, “I just might fall in love with a soldier and run away with him. You wouldn’t mind would you Bertie?” She continued on without giving him time to answer, “Of course you wouldn’t mind. After all you’ve had a fling or two since our engagement. Don’t look so surprised, I knew about all of them right after they happened. I don’t mind, not too much anyway but it would be nice to even things up a bit.”   “Can I come mummy, please, please” Bertha’s grin was a twin to her sisters. “I want to be there when Annie kicks over the traces. You are going to kick over the traces tonight, aren’t you Annie. If you fall in love pick a handsome soldier. Maybe an Irish one, they have dreamy red hair.”   Abigail Foster snorted, “A Foster never kicks over the traces. After all we have a certain position in society to uphold and your sister’s name is Ann not Annie. Annie is for common people and we’re not common.”   “Can I come please, please mummy, I promise to be good if you let me.”   “Of course you can’t go. This party is for adults and besides it won’t be over until midnight or later.”   “When you get home Annie come and tell me all about the handsome soldier you fell in love with.”   Abigail roared, “Bertha,’ and gave her daughter a look that could sour cream, “That will be quite enough from you. Your sister is not going to fall in love with a soldier tonight or any night. She’s far too sensible for that and besides she’s a Foster. Now young lady, any more of this foolishness and you’ll go to bed without supper. Alexander, make certain she doesn’t listen to Gang Busters or any other of that trash they have on the radio these days.”


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