Music Box Dreamer

A sigh, almost as big as she was escaped Bertha’s parted lips, “He is dreamy. I loved him in Gone with the Wind.”

“Didn’t mother forbid you to see that move?”   The teenager stepped back so she could look into her sister’s eyes, “I know but I just had to see Clark. He’s every woman’s heart throb.”   Ann Foster’s laughter almost drowned out the pounding of the drums, “How did you manage to go anyway?”   “I told mother I was going to study arithmetic with Hanna. She begged me to go because she has a crush on Clark.”   Annie waited for her laughter to subside before she spoke again, “You little minx. Why if mother ever found out you’d be in your room for a month and living on bread and water to boot.”    Bertha sniffed, “You won’t tell her will you? Please don’t Annie.”   Ann hugged her sister for a long moment, “Of course I won’t tell her dear. It will be our little secret.” She added a whispered, “You get into enough hot water with her without my tattling on you.”   The teen returned the hug, stood on her tip-toes and planted a soft kiss on her sister’s rosy cheek. “Please say you’ll come Saturday to the Bijou.”   “I will, if the fitting for my wedding dress is finished in time. Why don’t you come with me and we can go to the movies from there.”   Once again they had to stop dancing while the needle was rest to the beginning of the black disk.


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