An Emblem of Freedom, a Symbol of Democracy

Is it an emblem of freedom?
Is it a symbol democracy?
What do they believe,
those that come from
distant, oppressed lands?

Do the gaze in awe,
as it waves
above mighty ramparts,
in a blue Canadian sky?

It is a simple, plain device.
A Maple Leaf,
on a field of red and white.
Yet so many have made
the ultimate sacrifice,
to keep it safe and free.

How many of us
have enough pride.
to fly it above
our roof tops high,
or lower it to half mast,
to  honour
brave young soldiers,
when they die?

Perhaps we need
to look through
another person’s eyes
before we will at last realize,
and see what others see.
An emblem
of precious freedom.
A symbol
of sweet democracy.


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