A Gallant Canadian Soldier

Another gallant Canadian soldier,
has taken up arms once more.
He’s went to a far off land,
to fight in another war.

He’s given up so much in life,
to answer his country’s call.
Because freedom is more
than just another word to him,
he willing gave his all.

He didn’t fight for honour or medals.
He didn’t fight for glory or fame.
Yet because he’s made the ultimate sacrifice,
he has earned all of these things,
as well as a hero’s name.

Let us stand in full salute,
when his coffin passes by.
For the rest of our living days,
we need to remember,
what he’s given up for you and I.

Strangers stand silent, weeping,
as a bugler plays the last post,
at the setting of another sun.
It is our duty to remain resolute,
so someday this war will be won.

To do anything less than this,
will make his great sacrifice in vain.
To do anything less than this,
will dishonour our hero’s name.


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