Daramlhoardd’s War

Clang, sparks flew as the bright swords clashed. Parry, thrust, lunge and parry again.
Daramlhoardd used all of his weight and skill as he tried to overpower his son. He didn’t want Karodem dead, not yet. No it would give him much more pleasure to kill him after he watched his mother and sister raped. Raped first by him and then by his men, raped until they died from the shame and the pain.
Clang, again and again the swords crashed together as Karodem blocked his father’s savage blows. He could feel his arms weakening under the continuous barrage of cuts and thrusts. Karodem raised his broad sword to parry the next brutal lunge. He side stepped the next thrust and counter attacked.
Prince Karodem retreated four paces backwards and sucked air into his heaving lungs. The bright red juice of life dripped from a dozen cuts. He sucked in more air and readied him-self for the next attack. He brought his sword up to block his father’s blade. He realized too late that it was a feint.
No cry escaped the brave elf’s lips
As the cruel sword bit deep
A mother’s tears fell like rain
As Karodem went to his final sleep

As Daramlhoardd pulled the blade from his dying son’s body the dark veil of evil that had for so long clouded his vision with thoughts of hate, fell away from him.
For the first time in twenty-three years his mind was clear. Tears streamed out of his good eye and rolled down his cheek. “What have I done, what have I done?” He knelt on the bloody ground and cradled Karodem’s head with his left arm. He used his right hand to remove the golden helmet from the head and caressed the long brown locks.
The enormity of his deed whirled through his mind and heart. He was filled to overflowing with grief and the knowledge that he had been under the spell of the evil circle of five. A stray thought flew through his mind. “How can I make this right?”
As gentle as he could possibly manage he lay his son’s head back down. Daramlhoardd removed his hauberk and helm. They landed with a thud beside Karodem’s body. Death Bringer was placed firm on the ground. Clutching the blade tight the elf lord fell forward. As the last of life ebbed from him a shrieking and a wailing escaped the lips of the circle of five. They became translucent and then like puffs of wood smoke they faded away to nothingness.
The flames of two funeral pyres licked upwards towards the full moon.

The End


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