Daramlhoardd’s War

Karodem could no longer keep quiet, “I may be from your loins,” he roared, “But you are no father of mine.”
Daramlhoardd glared at him, “Silence whelp, I did not come here to joust words with you.”
“You no longer command me Daramlhoardd.” Karodem placed his right hand on the hilt of his sword.
“You would challenge me whelp,” Daramlhoardd sneered.
Alldelham reached out and placed his left hand on Karodem’s right one. “No Karodem, this is between my brother and my-self. Besides your mother would weep for the rest of her life if death came to you.”
Daramlhoardd snarled, “Let’s have at it whelp, if you have the stomach for blood.”
Two swords were from scabbards drawn
Two blades gleamed in sunlight bright
Two warriors began their dance of death


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