Daramlhoardd’s War

Angvaradel slumped forward and almost fell. Alldelham and  Karodem grabbed hold of her with strong hands and kept her from falling. Her voice was weak, no more than a whisper. “I have failed you my husband. I’m sorry but the magic of those evil ones is stronger than mine.”
“You have done all everyone could ever ask for my good wife.”
Karodem and Galowyn left their vantage point and descended to the plain.
A wedge of elves on horses raced towards the defensive square.
Alldelham cupped his hands in front of his mouth and yelled, “Archers to the ready, fire volley.”
A rain of black feathered death sailed toward the advancing horde. The falling elves were too far away to hear their shrieks.
“Fire at will,” was the command from the hill top.
No matter how many fell they kept coming. The mighty wedge fell like a blacksmiths hammer on a piece of iron on the protective square. Angvaradel’s army, caved then gave. The way was open.
Sword, lance and sharp war axe
Bit deep into yielding, bloody flesh
The air was rent by screams of death
On this afternoon of decision


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