Daramlhoardd’s War

Paint twenty stones with the woman’s blood,” Aferton commanded. He had to shout to be heard over the neighing of the cavalry horses.
Stones were painted red in quick order. Twenty ballista arms were pulled back to their limit.
Aferton shouted, “Aim them all at the same spot and fire them one after the other. You best look away, my lord and order your army to do so as well.”
A two hundred pound, round stone hurtled outward. WHRAM, a deafening clap of thunder rolled over the huge army. This was followed by a flash of light almost as bright as the sun. Nineteen more times ballista arms were released, nineteen more bright flashes, nineteen more loud booms of thunder moved across the plain.
“You may look now my lord,” the evil mage had an ear to ear grin on his wizened face.
Upon the plains of Faranhold
Before the gates of Gladelhome
A mighty force was gathered there
Hauberks of bright silver gleamed
Plumes of Ostari feathers streamed
On helmets sparkling in the sun


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