Daramlhoardd’s War

Aferton, head of the wicked circle of five, swaggered across the green meadow. He halted two paces away from Daramlhoardd. The mage pulled out his the tail of his red shirt and blew his nose. He hawked up a gob of green, it sailed through the air and landed on black boot on the elf lord’s left foo. “You summoned me?’ The evil wizard’s voice was so cold that the snot on his shirt tail froze.
Daramlhoardd, ignored the insolent tone, “The bitch witch has summoned a magic wall. My army cannot pass.”
Another green gob flew through the air. This time it landed on Daramlhoardd’s right boot. Anger welled up into the eye of the elf. “When this war is done,” the thoughts rumbled in his head. “When this war is done I will need find another wizard to lead the circle of five.”
Aferton chuckled, “Easy enough to deal with. Go and fetch Crawled, Tramith, Branbith and Tarwold. Bring a woman from the camp as well. She doesn’t have to be a virgin or even young for that matter.”
“Alabar,” the rage that had been building up inside the elf lord came roaring out into his words. “Bring the rest of the circle of five here, bring them on the triple.”
Aferton glared at Daramlhoardd, “I told you to do it. If I had of wanted Alabar to fetch them I would have said so.”
The elf lord reached for his sword hilt. His right hand halted half way there. Daramlhoardd knew how much he needed the circle of five right now. He let the rage die within.


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