Daramlhoardd’s War

A scene of ordered chaos and confusion filled Daramlhoardd’s green eye. The first barge, filled with two hundred knights and horses was pushed out into the stream. The rowers bent to their oars as the river current caught the big craft. It was soon joined by a dozen more.
The elf lord was in a foul mood this bright morning. Almost half of his siege engines had been put to the flame last night. “Still,” he thought, “There is enough, more than enough to bring down the walls of Gladelhome.”
The first contingent of barges, were soon half way across the wide river. There was no sound, no warning. Great leviathans from the sea of Aldorm rose up out of the depths in front of the flotilla. The turned and brought their mighty tails down hard. Three dozen rafts were shattered in an instant. The great beasts of the sea were joined by hundreds of gleaming black sharks. The screams and violent thrashing of the dying elves lasted mere minutes. Blue river water now foamed a bright red.
Daramlhoardd rubbed his eye, blinked and rubbed hard again. All that was left of the first barges were bits of wood and a large red stain.  He roared “Halt,” as more barges were pushed into the water. It took two more loud screams from the elf lord before he was obeyed. He glared at his lieutenant, “Go Alabar and find the circle of five, have them come here at once.”
There was great rejoicing among Alldelham’s small army, “We’ve won, we’ve won.” The exalting shout of victory spread from one platoon to another.
Alldelham knew better, knew that his brother would not give up so easily. “Silence,” he ordered. “The beast will soon try again. Archers knock arrows to your bow strings.”
The circle of the five wizards gathered by the shore as more barges were rowed out mid-stream. This time when the sea beasts appeared from the deep, great spears of fire lanced out of the sky.
The morning wind was full of the scent of burning flesh. Leviathans and sharks lay dead upon the water and were carried away by the current.
A hail of black arrows, so thick that it blocked out the sun, flew out from the shore toward the barges. Screams of horses, screams of men rent the air with the rattle of death. The deadly rain was returned.


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