Daramlhoardd’s War

A great feast was set for Galowyn
All thought she had been forever lost
And would nevermore be returning
Hearts were filled with sweet joy
Replacing the sad and empty yearning

Tears flowed from her mothers and fathers eyes.
“I never thought to see you again,” Angvaradel hugged her daughter tight. “How did you escape the clutches of that evil beast?”
“Alderod, it was he who cut my bonds and led me to the river.”
A loud, “How,” and “Why,” burst forth from her father Alldelhem’s parted lips.
Angvaradel’s heart warming smile took ten years off of her still lovely face, “Her story can wait my husband dear until we have our feast of rejoicing and she has some sleep.”
Galowyn tightened her slender, yet strong arms around her mother, “It’s all right mother, I do not mind. I have no understanding of why Alderod showed such kindness to me. Perhaps it was because Daramlhoardd forced him to kill Xzyander in front of me.”
There was a dead silence for a moment.
“Xzyander’s dead?” Alldelhem’s roar caused the tiny silver and gold bells hanging in the doorway to ring.
Tears streamed from two limpid pools of blue, “And that is not the worst of it. That evil thing intended to eat his noble heart.”
“Come daughter, now is the time for rejoicing, not for mourning. I will light a candle every day for two months for the soul of that gallant horse. Let us now feast and celebrate your safe homecoming.”  Angvaradel removed her arms from around Galowyn and took her by the hand.
The great feast table was laden deep
With viands and platters of roasted meat
All courtiers had been gathered there
To share in the feast of great rejoicing

Crowns gleamed on heads of king and queen
And in between the noble pair
Galowyn, the guest of honour sat
Of sad countenance and mien
Dressed in white and silver shimmering
Red gems were glimmering in the candle glow


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