Daramlhoard’s War

“Cut out the heart of this beast and a few steaks from the flank. A few marrow bones as well. Cook the meat rare, so when I bite into it the juices will still flow.”
“Will that be all sire,” Alderod kept his eyes to the ground.
Daramlhoardd screamed, “No you dolt. No, that will not be all. First take this base born creature out of my sight so she will not spoil my meal. Make certain she does not escape, or it will be your family that my wrath falls on. One more thing, have the soldiers bury our fallen.”
“What of the enemy dead?”
Daramlhoardd smiled, “Leave them for the birds of the air and the beasts of the field to feast on. Now away with you and do my bidding.”
Alderod bowed lower, “Yes my liege lord.” He did not look up until he turned around. “Come along my lady. I’ll find a soft place for you to rest and bring food for you when I can.”
Daramlhoardd roared, “You’ll not feed that bitches whelp. Nor give her drink either.”
The tears that Galowyn had fought so hard to keep from spilling out of her eyes, now poured silently down her cheeks.
Alderod shouted to two of the knights, “Make a soft bed for the lady Galowyn.”



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2 responses to “Daramlhoard’s War

  1. thank for sharing your great think…..

  2. Enjoying your blog, John. Quite Gothic.

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