Daramlhoardd’s War

“You heard me. Do it now or when we get back I’ll dine on the hearts and livers of your wife and children. The rest of you wretches keep the beast from falling.”
A hand of strength and certainty shook
As sword from scabbard was withdrawn
Alderod gave Galowyn a pleading, tear filled look.
And plunged bright blade deep with in
The elfish princess looked deep into the sorrow filled eyes and nodded her head. She steeled herself as the sword was drawn back. Galowyn wanted to turn away but she could not desert this noble creature, at the hour of his death.
One last whinny for his mistress rang out in the night air. The few elves that had came back to be near their lord and master turned eyes away from this horrific scene. Next to the love they had for their families and sometimes greater than this love was their feeling for horses. To see such a magnificent beast so cruelly slaughtered brought tears to their eyes and sadness to their hearts.
“Catch the blood you dolt,” Daramlhoardd stretched out his mail clad fist.
Alderod’s hand shook as he took his lord’s golden cup underneath the stream of life, pouring out of Xzyander’s broad chest.
A few drops spilled out as Alderod handed the brimming cup back to Daramlhoardd.
The elf lord drank deep, burped and drank again. His short salt and pepper beard had red stains in it. “There is only one thing better than a horse’s blood to warm a man’s heart and give him strength and that is the blood of an elf princess.” He leered at Galowyn and winked with his one eye, “Alderod.”
His servant bowed low, “Sire.”


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