Excerpt from, “Just an Ordinary Girl,” my new short story

Tina Jones fought against the darkness holding her in its malevolent hands, fought down the urge, the need to scream into the face of the man staring at her with black eyes that seemed to pierce through her big deep purple ones into the bosom of her soul. She fought against the rough wool blankets cocooning her, restricting her every move.
She thrashed right, left, right left, and right again, ripping at the sweat soaked covers, shoving them to the floor. A scream born in her toes poured out of her mouth like water over Nigeria, filling her large bedroom, squeezing out the small holes of the bug screen, disappearing into the night.
Another scream followed, louder, more terrifying than the last one, waking her, dragging her away from the nightmare that had hunted her sleeping moments for the last two months.
Like always it faded like a morning fog burnt away by the sun’s intense gaze, until all that was left was the man’s face, his eyes, and the words spoken in a sweet tongued, honey smooth voice that promised all her hearts desires if she would only obey him. “Dance for me Dorianda, dance for me in the moonlight, and sing my song. If you do, you will have everything and anything you could ever dream of.”
Her whispered answer still rested on red kissable lips, “My name isn’t Dorianda,” she had protested weakly, wishing it was, “Its Tina, Tina Jones.”


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Filed under fantasy, fiction, horror

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