Cold Heart Warm Heart

Cold heart,
dark thoughts dart
unbridled unchecked
down the path ways
of the mind.

Anger, rage
follow in their footsteps,
and hatred walks close behind.
The soul darkens,
bright eyes grow dim.
The mind in turmoil
boils over.

Harsh word then spoken.
Pain and tears
in loved ones eyes.
The only hope for peace,
is forgiveness of the hurting.

Warm hearts,
thoughts of love,
of peace,
walk down the minds
flowered path ways.
Joy and happiness
ever at their side.

Eyes bright,
the soul shines
from with in.

The warm smile
brings more smiles.
Words of love and kindness
are shared.

Cold heart,
warm heart,
the battle rages deep within,
but when the battle ends,
it is your choice
which heart,
and thoughts shall win.


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