Memories of Tomorrow

A heart that’s been broken
can never be mended.
A love that’s been lost
can never be found.

Love is more fragile
than a butterfly’s wings.
Love is far sweeter
than sugar plum wine.

I see your smile in the midnight sky.
As my tears fall on the ground like rain,
I want to turn my sad world around
and go back to yesterday once again.

Back to the days
when our love was new born.
Back to the time
when we built our dreams.

We made our own music,
and danced in the moonlight.
Love light was brighter than stars
in the blue of your eyes.

The mountains were taller.
The rivers ran deep.
Time stretched out past the sun.
Love was the moment,
and love was tomorrow.

But the world goes on turning,
and the years hide our memories.
Love fades like red roses
when the winter wind blows.

So I listen to my heart beat
out memories of tomorrow.
I listen to my tears fall on the ground.
I miss you much more
than I would ever miss living.

Memories of tomorrow are for the living.
Memories of yesterday belong to the dead.
Memories of tomorrow stretch out beyond me.
Memories of yesterday fade with the sun.




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One response to “Memories of Tomorrow

  1. Lovinglygirl

    I like this one…..Thanks for share it 🙂

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