Nashville Town

I came down to Nashville
to have my name put up in lights,
but all I’ve been doing since I arrived here
is get drunk on Saturday night’s.

There are a million others in this town
that are just like me.
Trying to hit the big time,
here in Nashville Tennessee.

I thought I could play a hot guitar
and write real cool country song,
but ever since I’ve been in this burgh,
things have gone all wrong.

My best girl up and left me,
and I had to hock my old guitar.
It doesn’t look like I’ll make it,
as a big time country star.

There’s nothing left but to crawl back home,
now that my dreams have been knocked down.
I’m going to catch the next Greyhound,
that’s leaving this Nashville town.


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One response to “Nashville Town

  1. Don Yarber

    I like it. Reminds me of myself. Once a member of the Academy of Country Music as a singer songwriter. I’ve written a dozen or more country songs that were considered by some recording artists but never published. I resigned from the Academy because of all the “politics” and “favoritism” that is involved. I think there is a lot of “payola” and “graft” involved as well, but who knows?

    My Les Paul, Jr. Gibson electric was in and out of every pawnshop from Detroit to LA. Nearly lost it twice. Then I sold it to buy furniture for my house. Now I’m old and gray and think of what might have been.

    Keep writing. It never hurts a thing and I do it all the time and haven’t felt any worse for it. We should trade songs ????

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