Where have all the Children Gone

They pray in the highlands,
the pray in the cities,
they pray on the desolate plains.

They pray for the monsoons
to bless them with moisture,
but all over Somalia
there’s not one drop of rain.

The land is turning into a desert,
filled with the dying,
filled with hungry children,
weeping for a little food.

The larders once overflowing,
are now empty and barren.
All over the land,
there is not one speck of grain.

The warlords, the politicians
are caught up in their uncaring games.
They posture for dominance,
and blame each other
for the plight of the land.

While the greedy fill their pockets.
While the rich fill their bellies.
Mothers bury their children,
and lie down beside them
on a dry dusty plain.

When all of the wrangling
about who’s cause is just
is over and done,
and the land lies empty of children,
will anyone be able to claim
that it was their side that won.


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