Notions, Potions and other things

Notions of grandeur,
of doing great things.
Emotions of fear, hate,
jealousy and desire.
Potions of love,
potions of dreams,
potions of hell’s fire.
Witch’s cauldrons
brew and bubble.
Trouble overflowing,
steams up the midnight hour.

Maidens blush,
surrender maidenheads
in the name of love.

Notions, potions, sundries,
huddle randomly scattered
among other unknown things,
on dusty shelves,
in the back corners
of old drugstores.

Sundaes on Sundays,
chocolate ice cream melting.
Drops of frosty coolness
drip delightfully off chins.
Small pink tongues
lick sticky sweetness
off of smudged, pudgy hands.

Children’s laughter
drowns out plaintive music
pouring out of
cracked, aged speakers.
More nickels slide into
rusty slots of a tinny jukebox.

Notions of a kiss, emotions of lust
overcome a preacher’s teachings.
A parent’s warnings ignored.
Sunday’s crisp starched dresses
wilt in sun soaked alley ways.
Pristine whiteness stained with chocolate,
stained with sticky seeds of love
are thrust with a sense of shame
amidst clothes waiting for Monday’s wash.

Notions of peace, prosperity,
emotions of hope, fulfilled dreams,
potions of trust, expectation.
Witches cauldrons brew and bubble,
opulence, affluence overflowing,
steam up the midnight hour.

Be-whiskered old druggists
add cherry and nut toppings
to sticky chocolate sundaes,
melting on warm Sunday evenings.

Notions, potions, sundries
haphazardly scattered
among other unknown things,
on dusty, sagging shelves,
overtop piles of mouse droppings,
in dark, dismal corners
of old drug stores.


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