Arab Winter

A tyrant holds power in Damascus,
ruling with an iron fist and will.
When anyone challenges his authority,
he shouts out the order to kill.

Soldiers fire into the peaceful marchers.
Women and children are mowed down by the gun.
Some try to hide from the hail of bullets,
but there isn’t any safe place to run.

Bleeding bodies pile up in the gutters.
The air is filled with their mournful cry.
The murderers march past, laughing,
as they watch their countrymen die.

Is there any hope for these people?
Will they ever find freedom and peace?
Or will their blood stain the sand of Syrian land,
and will death be their only release.


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Filed under Literature, Poem, Poetry For the People

One response to “Arab Winter

  1. Larry Nabiong

    I really appreciate the candidness of this poem. It’s a reality that some powerful men are thinking like gods…and the lowly are suffering. Well, humanity needs to take a stand against this kind of violence. Anyways, not all gods are godly…

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