The Call of Flesh to Flesh

Bright passions fade
eaten up by time.
Yet still within
a few embers burn.
Deep, deep within
a heart still yearns.
Inside a foggy mind
thoughts still churn
and flesh still calls to flesh.

Much of life’s waters
have flowed over the dam of time.
So many friends
have ceased to be.
Eyes once so bright,
eyes once so full of light,
grow dim, grow grim,
and the years have swallowed
up the days of my youth.

Passions fade, fade, fade,
yet hunger still stirs.
Though the mind has forgotten,
the soul still remembers,
and deep, deep within
a heart that once loved
will forever yearn.
Embers of lust, coals of desire
will forever burn,
and flesh will forever call to flesh.


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