Candle in the Wind

High upon a mountain top,
gleaming through the stormy night,
a small beacon dimly beckons
with a pale, flickering light.

Brave words that have been spoken
echo out across the world.
A flag bearing peace, prosperity,
once again has been unfurled.

Once more we’ve been inspired,
challenged to reach out to the stars.
Once again a leader has asked us
to be much better than we are.

Our way is filled with sacrifice,
but one day we all will stand,
high upon the mountain top
and see the promised land.

Perhaps our dreams are too big,
will be lost in times shifting sand
and these words will turn to dust,
yes we can, oh yes we can

Hope thought frail and faint
once more burns deep within.
A decent, honest, audacious man
has dared to light a candle in the wind.


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Filed under Literary, Poem, Poetry For the People

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