Lands under Seige

Once again that scourge of mankind, drought, stalks the horn of Africa, covering vast areas beneath its haunting shadow, and leaving death and desolation in its wake. Eleven-million people, men, women, and worst of all children are threatened with dehydration and starvation. They call to the world, call to us for help.

It is our duty to answer. We must do everything in our power, no matter how little it is to come to their aid, and come now before it is too late. The logistics of supplying so many people with the basic needs of life, food, water, shelter, medicine, are daunting to say the least, but if we can send men to the moon, and plan a voyage to mars, spend billions on wars; then with a united effort we can do this. If we don’t, the greatest tragedy in human history will take place.

I for one don’t want the blood of eleven-million on my hands, and I doubt if you do either. Pick up the torch, put your shoulder to the wheel and let us see if we can’t prevent this catastrophe from happening.


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Filed under Aid need now, human tragedy, hunger

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