Smart Meters

Has your utility provider started billing you by the peak and off peak hours yet? I’m still waiting for my first bill and the bad news it will bring.

No doubt the smart meters are able to figure out what time of day you are using the electricity, but they are too dumb to know how much this method of billing is going to hurt the average family, or what it will do to the working poor. We can help a little by doing our laundry on the weekends or after nine PM, but we still have to cook our food during peak hours, and electric stoves use as much if not more energy than a washer and dryer does.  I suppose we could do are cooking after nine as well, or cook everything for the coming week on Saturday and freeze it.

We can also barbecue everything, but if you live in the north like I do it’s a bit uncomfortable to cook outside when it is forty below, not to mention the price of propane. To add insult to injury, our beloved government in Toronto has kindly added HST to our heating and electricity bills.

Yes from a money grabbing point of view the smart meters are a good move, but for the economy as a whole it is a dumb idea, because every penny the working poor and the middle class have to spend on energy and new taxes, is one less penny the have to spend on goods and services. This means there will be less money for coffee, and fewer people drinking coffee means that businesses will have to lay off employees. When employees are laid off they need to draw money from the system instead of contributing to it. Fewer people will be able to afford new cars, new clothes, new televisions or the thousand- and-one other things that can be purchased when people have disposable income.

Yes smart meters are smart enough to know how much electricity you use and when you use it, but it isn’t smart enough to figure out how much it will damage our fragile economy, or perhaps it’s the politicians that aren’t smart enough to know this.


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