Brew and Bubble, Toil and Trouble

As an outsider looking into that steaming cauldron known far and wide as American politics, I can only shake my head in confusion. How does this strange mixture ever work? It is a strange mixture indeed. Not all democrats or republicans wear the same stripes, because this would make things too easy and far less confusing.

There are the liberal democrats, the far left, the socialist democrats, and then there the moderates that lean towards the center. Throw the republicans into the mix, with their tea party, which is no longer confined to Boston harbour, but has spread over the length and breadth of the land, mix in less conservatives ones, and the ones that lean towards the center and you have a wild witches brew indeed.

It is hard enough for a president to get legislation passed when his party controls both houses, but when the opposition owns one or both of them he is indeed a lame duck. Every bill that becomes law is never simple or straight forward. It always has to have special interest riders attached to it in order to get it passed, and that is none of the reasons for America’s huge and ever growing debt.

The first step in balancing the budget is to get rid of pork barrel politics and outlaw lobbying, because they are nothing more than blackmail and bribery at the highest level, and cost the taxpayers a great deal of money. The next thing to do is end the two wars and bring the troops home from all the foreign bases.

Having pointed all the flaws and pitfalls of this great experiment, and there are many, when this great democracy works the way it is supposed to, which is far too infrequent,  it is a very beautiful thing to behold. It is more valuable than the rarest gem, worth more than all the gold on earth.

Even though most time America is like a big elephant stumbling over its shoelaces, I prefer it to be the world leader when it comes to democracy or the economy, than any other country I can name.

It will be a sad day for the world indeed, if the Stars and Stripe, the symbol of hope, freedom, peace and justice is pulled down to half-mast because partisan politics is the order of the day instead of bi-partisanship and compromise.


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