From the Other Side of Nowhere

“Come Gwillym lad, have a mouthful or two from the flowing fountain before you entertain us.” Hamish’s pointy index finger probed deep between his hair butt cheeks. He scratched away until the burning that plagued him through his waking and sleeping hours, cooled a little. He withdrew his inquiring digit, took a deep sniff and then licked it. The red flower of this dear sweet girl blooms fresher than a summer orchid.”
Gwillym Gwalchmai pushed his way through the flock of demons and shouted. “Make way for your poet laureate. Make way, make way.” He knelt down close to Angie’s neck and placed his mouth over the red river spouting from her jugular vein. He swallowed deep, one, twice, three times.
A female imp, with red hair down to her knees pushed Gwillym away, “Enough you greedy bugger. Let the rest of us have some.”
Gwillym stood up and licked his fat, grey lips, “Fine vintage. Like I always say, when it comes to blood, there’s no sweeter than what comes from the neck of a sixteen-year-old virgin girl.”
Angie heard Gwillym clear his throat several times before beginning to speak. As the blackness spread deeper over a mind that was slipping closer to insanity with each passing moment, these words of terror crept in.
“I have been cast down
upon a dark and bitter time.
Mind, body, heart and soul,
pierced through by demonic laughter.

I have fallen deep into their lair.
Chained fast in their chamber of torture.

Skeletal, long fingered hands
rip eagerly at my quaking flesh.
My existence, my very soul is bared.
Bloodshot lidless eyes devour my nakedness.

My Adam’s apple is crushed
by one swift, heartless blow.

Defiant, soundless screams,
permeate the pathways of my mind.

Blind, cowering, quivering,
I await my final breath.
Pointed teeth tear into
my protesting, dying flesh.

How quick the coming
of my final, pitiful hour.
Power of movement has escaped me,
as the demons circle to devour.

I have been cast down
upon a dark and bitter time.
Mind, body, heart and soul,
pierced through by demonic laughter.

the end at last


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