From the Other Side of Nowhere

Alley yelled, “Muzzle her,” and then walked over to where Ange was standing.  “Because, you always spurn my advances and you always wipe my kisses off your face. It seems you prefer to have some deceitful boy slobber on you than have my sweet kisses. Besides, I get to go home afterwards, that’s why.”
Gallup let out a loud, “Excuse me your ladyship, but the questions.”
Aaliya sniggered and waddled back to her bench.
Hamish waited until she was settled, “Your ladyship, will you please tell us in your own words what you saw the prisoner do.”
“I saw her take a big sledge hammer and smash our dear Weejie to bits and then she smashed his house and table to smithereens.”
There were loud calls of, “Oh my goodness,” and several “You don’t say.”
Judge Alley shouted, “I do say.” All the demons in the court room burst into tears.” She looked over at the jury box, “Madam Forewoman, have you reached your verdict?”
The small female imp that had been sweeping the floor when Angie first came into the hall stood up and shouted, “Guilty, guilty as sin. Get to her boys.”
Stark terror filled Angelina’s, as the hundreds of demons attending her farce of a trial stood up and rushed towards her.  She screamed as sharp, pointy teeth bit into her toes and ankles.
Hundreds if the filthy, smelly things crawled up her legs, up her body to her head. At last the weight became too much and she thudded to the hard floor. She screamed as her night dress was ripped off of her. She screamed as sharp nails dug into her most intimate parts. The more she screamed the more her tormentors laughed. Angie reached a point when her throat was too raw to scream anymore.
The sounds of the yelling, laughing demons began to fade. A loud voice, a voice she recognized as that of Gwillym Gwalchmai penetrated the thick, black fog that was closing in on her.”
“I composed a new poem for this special occasion. It should really be read by our party girl but she is otherwise occupied.”
A loud wave of laughter poured out of a thousand tiny throats and bounced around the big room.


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