From the Other Side of Nowhere

The room they entered was quite large and seemed to be made out of some kind of dull black stone. Whatever it was absorbed most of the faint light flickering downwards from the tiny bulbs dangling from the high ceiling.
Angie guessed that the room must be at least a hundred feet long and seventy wide. An old looking creature, wearing a bedraggled brown dress caught her eye. It was doing its best to sweep up the inch of dust that covered most of the floor.
The thing looked up when the door closed with a snap. She went back to her sweeping for another minute or two before dropping her broom onto the small pile of refuse. The little woman, at least Angie suspected it must be, wobbled through the thick dust towards them.
She squeaked, “What’s she doing here,” as she got close enough to be heard. “I’m not ready. I need to have a bath, get my hair done and change my clothes before the trial. I can’t be a juror looking like this. Why there’s been a whisper that Uncle Nick himself might be here.” She drew a deep breath into her tiny lungs.
She looked Angie up and down for a long time before she spoke again. “Guilty as sin, this one is. I can see it in her eyes, I can. I don’t know why we have to waste time on a trial for her. We should just get right to the punishment part. That’s the only fun thing about it.”
Gwillym snorted, “I do agree, but that’s Uncle Nicks rules and you don’t want to cross him.”
A sound like distant thunder came from the vicinity of the ugly little demon’s flabby belly.
Leandre Laroche barked, “What in the name of all that’s unholy was that dreadful sound.”
Gwillym Gwalchmai chuckled, “That’s just my tummy grumbling.” An ugly smirk washed across his prune wrinkled face.  “I’m starving. Haven’t had a decent meal since this morning.”
Leandre growled, “Sounded more like the rumblings of a rutabaga in heat than the murmurings of your gut.”
Loud sniggers coming from the hideous imps mouths, bounced back and forth between the dead black walls.
“Well,” Laroche began in the most commanding voice he could muster, “We should be off   and tell Hamish the bad news. You stay and rest here party girl. It may take a while to get things sorted out. You can use that pile over there for a pillow.” Without saying another word he turned on his heels and sauntered towards the far wall.
The two other demons trotted behind him.


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