From the Other Side of Nowhere

An anxious look washed across the homily face, “What do you think of it Leandre?”
Old Laroche give his minion a smirk that was supposed to pass for a smile. “That’s not half bad me boy, not half bad at all. It might even get you off the hook with Uncle Nick as well. Well we best be off.” The demon walked right past Angie and reached out with his hand. An outline of a door appeared out of nowhere.
Angie asked, “Where are we going,” in a timid voice.
The thing inched closer the edge of her nightgown, “Why girl, were going to go to the other side of nowhere.”
The teenager shook her head and blinked her eyes, “I don’t understand. How can we go to the other side of something that doesn’t exist?”
Laroche tittered, “Of course you silly goose, if we was to go nowhere we’d still be here. That’s why we have to go to the other side of nowhere. Now come along now and no more questions. You’ll learn all you need to know when we get there.” He reached out with his claw like hand and pushed the door open. He stepped out of the girl’s way, bowed at his rotund waist and waved her through.


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