From the Other Side of Nowhere

The creature sneered, “The trial for smashing our dear Weejie into bits. That’s murder in any country. Now we may be no more than country bumpkins to you and yours, but we do have rights.”
“But, but.”
“Stop making noises like a motor boat and spit it out.”
“That thing was nothing more than a useless lump of black marble.”
Leandre sighed, “Perhaps to you that’s all he was, but to us, he was near and dear.”
Gwillym broke into their conversation, “Old Uncle Nick won’t be angry at me. Why he’s told me many a time that I’m his favourite little demon.”
Leandre Laroche snorted, “My dear boy, he says that to all the imps until he has his way with them.”
Little Gwalchmai curled up his fifteen tiny green toes, “I don’t believe you.”
“Wait and see my boy, just you wait and see.” Leandre scratched the thick black fur on his head and watched the flakes of dandruff fall on to the carpet. “You’ve put us into a pretty pickle Gwillym, a pretty pickle indeed. Were not half ready for her yet and they’re still arguing about who’s turn it is to be judge. They haven’t even selected a jury yet.” He heaved a sigh that rattled the window. “We’ve got to take her though because we can’t leave her here. Say old boy why don’t you have any clothes on?”
Gwalchmai smirked in reply.
Laroche sniggered, “Up to your old tricks I see. Well that’s going to have to go in to my report as well.” He gave Angie a dirty look, “Pack a tooth brush and some clean undies. It might be a while before your trial.”
Angelina Davis roared, “I’m not going anywhere with you, whatever you are.”
“So you think just because you happen to be a tad bigger than I am, that I can’t make you go with me.”
“I know so,” and in spite of herself she started to giggle.
“Well sprout, perhaps you’re right, but I’m big enough to poke your mother’s eyes out. I’m big enough to see that you’re father and little brother, what’s his name, oh yes Billy will sing in a girl’s choir for the rest of their natural days.”
“If you promise not to hurt them I’ll go.”


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