From The Other Side of Nowhere

The tune was catchy, but at times the voice sounded like the bull-frogs that sang in the swamp by her grandmother’s place, in the little town of Charlton. At other times it sounded like a distant flock of crows. As he pranced and danced around the center of the room, he winked at the girl and crooked the little index finger on his pudgy right hand.
Without knowing how or why, the teenager found herself standing at the side of her canopy bed and dancing in time to the tiny creature’s song.
At last Gwillym finished his haunting rhyme. He winked at the girl with his one good eye and on tiny little legs made a mad dash as if to go under her short nightgown.
Angelina plopped her-self down onto the satin sheet and tucked her slender legs underneath her bottom. She pressed the bottom of the pastel blue gown tight against her legs.
Gwalchmai skidded to a halt a foot for the bed, winked once more, this time with the empty eye socket. “Spoil sport,” a gooey, green puss ran out the outside corner of his socket and down his bearded cheek. He caught a drop with his small right index finger, licked it and smacked his lips. He gave her one more wink, snapped his fingers and hopped onto the bed beside her. The little creature started rubbing his hand along the teen’s naked calf. He inched higher with each upward motion.
Angelina Davis shouted, “Get your hand off of my leg, you creepy old pervert.” She tried with all her might to pry his grubby little hand away.
No matter how hard she yanked, the dirty fingers kept creeping upwards. She raised her right hand high in the air to get as much power as she could behind her slap.
Gwillym growled, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, you won’t like what will happen.” And a mouth filled with rows of sharp, pointy teeth parted into an evil, lecherous grin.
The teenager ignored the warning, if it was a warning and brought her hand down as hard as she could towards his malevolent, chubby face. A sharp pain raced up her arm into her shoulder. It shot down her right side to the tip of her toes and then back up the left side. It was far worse than any toothache or earache she could ever remember having. It rubbed every nerve of her body raw, as it traveled through her.
The pain was so intense that she couldn’t draw enough air into her lungs to scream. All she could do was sit on her bed and suffer in silence as the creatures hand inched higher.
A bellow loud enough to wake the dead came rushing towards the pair sitting on the bed. “Gwillym Gwalchmai, you stop that right now. You know the master doesn’t like you playing with our party girl. Not before her trial anyway and after that, well that’ll be up to the master. I can tell you dear boy, he’s going to be upset when he hears about this. You was only supposed to take in the lay of the land and see how many folks we might have to deal with.”
“Please don’t tell Hamish, please Leandre.”
A malicious grin spread over the bottom half of his ugly mug, “Got to dear boy. If I don’t, it’ll be my neck in the soup kettle. Hamish is going to have to pass the word on to Old Nick as well. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. Not for all the tea in Turkey.”
Angie shouted, “Trial, what trial?”


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