From the Other Side of Nowhere

A little voice, somewhere in her room woke Angelina Davis out of a fitful, troubled sleep.
“Gwillym Gwalchmai you must be quiet and not wake the dear thing up. It would be so nice to do so though. She’s a pretty one. I wonder if she knows her dear friend Alley Cat sold her out. She didn’t even get thirty pieces of silver for the deed either. Oh I would so love to crawl into bed with this dear little girl and sneak up under her nighty, her short pretty little nighty. I wonder if the sweet thing is wearing any panties. I would so love to go and see.
If you wake her, we won’t just be up to our necks in doggy do. No sir, it will be piled high over our little head. One little peak is all I want. Drat it all to Hades, my blasted flashlight won’t work. Now how will I see the little girl’s treasure?”
Angie eased over to the edge of the bed and pushed the coverings down towards her feet. She blinked and closed her eyes when the bright ceiling light came on. The blankets went onto the floor as she jumped out of bed. She looked around for the source of the voice.
Standing near the door, with a slender metal rod in its hand was the ugliest creature she had ever seen in her life. From heel to the top of its pointed, almost bald head to its scabby feet, it wasn’t more than a foot high. It was fat and much worse it was naked. Rolls of grey, loose skin hung down from scrawny arms. A big bunch of it folded down over its private parts. That is if it had any private parts.
Angie’s frightened eyes darted around the room for some kind of weapon. At last they settled on the table lamp. She took two big steps and yanked the cord from the wall.
Angelina whirled around, took careful aim and threw the lamp with all her might. It hit the door with a loud thud and broke into dozens of sharp pieces. She looked around for another weapon, but the closest things to her were the running shoes in the closet.
The evil, ugly creature opened his mouth and exposed a half a dozen long pointed teeth. It chortled, “You missed me, you missed me, go ahead and kiss me,” and began to jump up and down. With every jump the flap of ugly skin hanging down from its fat belly bounced.
Angie wanted to tear her eyes away before she saw something that she was certain would be even more hideous than this creatures face. The teen inched towards the closet and weapons.
“Where do you think you’re going, my pretty one?” It seemed to dawn on him that she was awake and might even be trying to get away.
“Well Gwillym Gwalchmai, you gone and done it now. You’ve gone and woked our party girl up. Hamish is going to be so mad at you.  If he tells old Uncle Nick, you’re going to be in Dutch for certain sure. You may even end up in the pickle pot, bits of you anyhow.”
Angelina took another small step towards the closet, “Who are you anyway and what do you want?”
The creature bowed low, “Gwillym Gwalchmai at your service madam. As for what we want, well that will be for my master, Hamish Gallup to decide”
Tiny Gwillym Gwalchmai, or so he called himself trotted into the center of the room and began to dance. He took a deep breath and broke out into a little ditty. He managed to get all the words out without stopping for breath.
“On the other side of nowhere,
between yesterday and the dawn,
when darkness fills a person’s soul
and their demons drag them down,
a bottomless pit awaits false step
with no way forward no way back,
but one must still go on.
For nowhere is no place to be,
because the postal code is wrong.

If false courage is the only kind,
well it will have to do.
Drink deep another glass of wine,
if it will help you through.

There is no moon and no stars.
No light of coming dawn.
There is just you and you alone.
So you must save yourself.
Step back from the black abyss.
Find some other place to be,
because the other side of nowhere,
is no place for you or me.

On the other side of nowhere,
when the love you had is lost
And there is only dark despair.
When all friends have deserted you
and you no longer care.
Do not let your anger eat you up,
or tarnish your shining soul.
For the sun still shines, the soft rain falls.
Come back from where you are.
Leave your demons there to dance alone,
on the other side of nowhere.”


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