From the Other Side of Nowhere

Angelina flicked the switch inside the small people door and strode over to her father’s work bench. She held the bundle containing the evil planchette in her left and rummaged around until she found a five pound sledge. She placed the bundle on the bench top, pillow side down.
Up went the hammer, it flashed downwards. A loud, “Oof,” came through the sheet as the hammer head connected with the wiggling Weejie. Ten more times the hammer was lifted high above Angies head. Ten more times it smashed into the bundle.
Angie was as careful as possible as she untied the pink sheet. She was ready to run if there was any movement. There was no fight left in the black marble planchette. It lay on the pillow in a dozen pieces and two of its legs were broken.
Angelina Davis dumped the pieces onto the metal work bench and proceeded to smash the marble into tiny bits of gravel. “She hollered, “Give me the board and the box.”
Alley stretched out the hand holding the board but clutched the box tight against her spongy bosom. “The box is real ebony and worth a lot of money.”
Angie fixed her with a cold, angry look, “Give me the box or your life will be a living hell.”
Aaliya started to blubber again as she placed the box on top of the workbench.
Angelina yelled, “Take that you piece of dog turd,” with ever hammer blow. She continued pounding away until the box and board were nothing more than a pile of sawdust.
Alley Thomas asked, “Now what?”
Angie gave Alley another cold look. She didn’t feel that she was ready to forgive her ex friend yet. The teenager folded the sheet into a one foot square of pink and then handed it to Aaliya. She commanded, “Hold this,” and proceeded to brush every speck of marble dust and wood onto cloth.
Angelina hurried out the garage door. A puffing, sniffing Aaliya was right at her heels. The girls walked along the side of the building to the alley. They proceeded down the overgrown lane until they reached the street. Once under bright lights, Alley and Angie turned to their right and followed the side walk towards Aaliya’s home, half a mile away.
Angie stopped at the first alley containing a large refuse bin, “Hold the lid open.” A sprinkling of dust fell among the rotting garbage. They stopped at every refuse bin and did the same thing until all of Weejie, box and board were gone. The teen didn’t answer Alley’s soft good night. She just wheeled around on her runners and jogged home as fast as she could.


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