From the Other Side of Nowhere

Angie was fed up with this silly back and forth that didn’t seem to be leading anywhere. “I’ll call your father if you don’t.”
An evil grin parted Aaliya Thomas’s thick lips, “I’ll tell daddy that it’s yours and you forced me to play with it. He’ll believe his sweet innocent daughter before he believes the wild girl that is always getting into trouble.”
Angelina knew she had lost this round, “Then you have to help me get rid of the thing.”
“What do you have in mind?”
Angie thought for a while as the small clock on her dresser ticked the minutes away. “I have it. I know just the thing to do.”
Alley was all curious now, “What?”
Angelina grinned, “You’ll see.”
Aaliya snuffled, “Can we still be friends, please Ange?”
“Perhaps, but you have to help me with my plan.”
The two teens left the bedroom and went down the long blue carpeted hall. Angie poked her head into the family room and yelled, “I’m going to walk Alley part way home, mom, dad.”
Her mother tore her eyes away from the blaring television set, “Don’t go too far dear.”
Her father grunted and her little brother Billy kept his grey eyes focused onto the high definition screen.
Alley and Angie went out the front door, across the neat trimmed lawn and then around the corner of the house.
Angelina Davis picked up the tied sheet and motioned for Alley to bring the rest of the pieces.
Aaliya stood stiff as a board, didn’t speak and didn’t move.
Angie’s growled, “If you don’t help, we won’t be friends anymore,” stirred Alley to action.
Aaliya Thomas scooped up the board, box and shopping bag and followed her friend to the big, two car garage.


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