From the Other Side of Nowhere

Ange put all of her fear, anger and frustration into her voice when she spoke, “Never mind what I’m going to do with it, just go and do as you’re told. You’ll see soon enough what I intend  to do with it.”
Alley Thomas waddled over to the open closet. She bent over, lifted the lid of the chest and pulled out a pressed, pink satin sheet. She held it in both hands and waddled back to the bed.
“Unfold it and throw it over the pillow.” When Alley just stood there like a frozen lump, Angelina shouted, “Do it, do it now.”
Aaliya sniffed, “You don’t have to shout.”
Angie pushed down on the pillow with both hand as the soft sheet fell over them. She eased her left hand out, placed it over the top of the sheet and then pulled her right hand out. “Now help me bundle this evil piece of marble up.”
Alley Thomas yelled,” I’m not putting my lily whites anywhere near that thing.”
Angelina Davis pushed one edge of the sheet as far under the pillow as she could without coming into contact with the horrible piece of marble. She did the same with the other edges. In one swift motion she rolled the bundle up.
Weejie tried his best to escape, but Angie was too fast. The four corners of the sheet were tied into half a dozen tight knots. The teenager walked over to the window and threw the wriggling, sniffling parcel outside. She returned to the bed, knelt down and pulled out the wooden board. With the board in one hand, the box and shopping bag in the other she went back to the window again. Box, shopping bag and board joined the wrapped up planchette in the dark night.
Ange turned and glared at a trembling Alley, “Now get out of here and take that damned thing home with you. Don’t ever come back here again. Don’t talk to me at school or on the street. Whenever you see me just turn around and walk the other way.”
Aaliya blubbered like a baby, “You don’t mean that Angie darling.”
The darling only stoked Angelina’s flames of anger higher, “I do mean it and if you ever talk to me again, you’ll be sorry. I swear I’ll make it so no one will be your friend ever again. I’ll make every one hound you and make fun of you until you wish you were dead. Now go, before I punch you in the face and knock all your yellow, stinking teeth out.”
Alley stopped crying and put some steel in her back bone and in her voice, “If you think I’m going to take that thing home, you’re crazy. I’ll go, but I’m going to leave it here for you to deal with.”
‘No you’re not.”
“Yes I am.”
“No you’re not.”
“Yes I am and there’s not a thing you can do about it.”


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