The Other Side of Nowhere

The girls waited until the footsteps faded away to nothing before resuming their pillow fight.
After a few more minutes of violent activity, two exhausted teenagers fell onto the soft bed and lay there giggling.
Alley Thomas was the first to speak, “Oh my goodness gracious, my poor Weejie, I hope he’s not too angry. He gets real mean when he’s upset and won’t answer questions for a week.”
“Aaliya,” Angie’s voice was full of reproach. “Stop talking about that thing as if he were real.” She stopped mid-sentence and cocked two pink tipped ears. For a moment she thought she heard a sniffing sound coming out from underneath her bed. “Stop this nonsense Angie girl, your starting to get as bad as Alley. Next thing you know, you’ll think the damned thing can talk.”
She was just about to speak when she heard the sniffing sound again. Angelina Davis sat bolt upright on her bed and the blood drained from her rosy cheeks. She reached out and clutched Aaliya’s right hand. Her voice shook as she whispered, “Did you hear that?”
Aaliya muttered a half angry, “Hear what?” before sitting up on the bed.
“I’m probably being silly, but I thought I heard a sniffing sound coming from under my bed.”
Alley Thomas shouted “Oh no,” leapt off of the bed and crouched down by the edge. She reached underneath and yelled, “Ouch.” She scrambled away from the bed and stuck a fat thumb into her mouth.
Angelina started to feel angry. She got off of the bed and raised her hand, “You’re starting to scare me with your nonsense.
I wish you’d take that thing of yours and go h—,” She jumped two feet and landed with a thump as the black planchette shot out from underneath her bed and across the room. It bounced off of the lily patterned paper of the far wall, before rushing back towards the frightened girls.
Angie side stepped as the piece of marble sailed past her head, just missing her by a hair’s breadth.
The thing bounced off the near wall and then fell onto the bed cover. It started sniffing again and even though she didn’t want to Angie’s eyes were drawn to the devil’s tool. She inched forward to take a closer look. Tears as red as blood streamed out of the horned devils eyes and dripped onto the clean bedspread.
“Little girl, why did you kick me under the bed,” the voice was cold, deep and filled with anger. “Weejie doesn’t like to be kicked around, not one little bit.” The thing sniffed once more and it sounded like the planchette was blowing its nose. “Weejie doesn’t like the dark either. Weejie is afraid of the dark. Being stuck in the dark makes Weejie cry and get angry, very, very angry. When Weejie gets angry he likes to hurt people, especially naughty little girls like the two of you.”
Aaliya edged backwards, “It wasn’t me that hurted you,” her high pitched voice sounded like a little girls. “It was Angie, she kicked you.”
Angelina gave her friend a dirty look. Her shouted, “Thanks,” was full of rage and frustration.
Alley Thomas started to pout, “Well you did.” She fixed her tear filled eyes on the planchette, “She’s the guilty party, so punish her not me.”
The cold voice filled the room with its pure wickedness, “But you brought me here.”
Aaliya took two more steps backward and whined, “But, but, you told me to bring you. You said you’d kill my family in front of my eyes if I didn’t. So it’s your fault.”
The thing ranted, “My fault, my fault. Didn’t I tell you that I’d punish the both of you if she didn’t behave? Didn’t I, didn’t I.”
All the time the planchette and Alley had been arguing, Angelina had been inching closer to her bed. In one swift, smooth motion, she picked the nearest pillow and shoved on top of the piece of black marble.
The thing struggled for a moment before giving up. It started to sob again, “Weejies sorry for yelling at pretty little girls. Weejie didn’t mean it when he said he’d hurt you. All he wants to do is play with the pretty, sexy girls. Weejie is scared of the dark. Please, please let him out. He promises to be good,” the voice sounded childlike and full of fear.
Angie Davis almost gave into the pleading. Almost felt sorry for the poor sobbing thing, but the memory of the near miss kept her from easing up the pressure. She turned her head so she could get a good look at Alley. “Get me a sheet from the cedar chest in the closet.”
“What do you want with a sheet,” Aaliya’s voice sounded almost normal.


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