From the Other Side of Nowhere

Eight fingers, four pudgy short ones and four long slender ones were placed once more on the devil faced planchette. “Is Mrs. Davis having an affair with my father?”
Angie shoved the board and planchette onto the floor. She picked up a pillow and hit Alley over the head.
Aaliya squealed like a little girl and picked up a pillow of her own. The fight was on. At first Angie hit her friend as hard as she could, but the anger faded away to be replaced by loud giggles from both girls.
“What’s going on in there,” Hanna Davis’s loud voice came through the keyhole and under the door.
The two laughing teens called out, “Nothing,” and resumed their pillow fight.
“It doesn’t sound like nothing to me,” the bedroom door squeaked open.
Angelina had the presence of mind to kick the Ouija board and planchette under the bed before her mother could see it. “We’re just having a pillow fight mom.”
“Why didn’t you say so? Now be careful, I don’t want to have to take either one of you to the hospital with an eye poked out.”
Angie groaned, “Oh mom, don’t worry, we’ll be careful.”
The wooden door squeaked closed behind Mrs. Davis.


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