From the Other Side of Nowhere

“Hush now Angelina. You don’t want to upset dear Weejie, do you? Now be a good girl and apologize.” Aaliya Thomas’s voice sounded shrill and a little bit like the witch from Snow White. A voice that had always sent cold shivers racing up Angelina’s spine.”
Angelina Davis’s jaw dropped and her jade green eyes grew large. She inspected her friends face and waited for her to add, “Come on my sweetie and eat up your apple like a good girl.”
She poked Aaliya in the left side with her sharp finger nails, “What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?”
Alley Thomas turned and looked Angelina square in the eyes, her low, “What on earth do you mean,” was in her normal, rather deep voice.
Angelina blinked, mumbled, “Nothing,” and turned her eyes away.
“Now come on and apologize to Weejie.”
Feeling foolish, the teenager put her right hand on the pieces of cold black marble. In the most humble and contrite voice she could muster, whispered. “Sorry Weejie dear,” and then jerked her hand away.
Aaliya grunted, “That’s better.”
There it was again that high grating voice. Angelina looked into her friend’s eyes and for a moment, just a brief moment, the irises and pupils seemed to turn black. She thought, “It must just be some trick of the light,” before turning her brown haired head away.
Aaliya Thomas placed four stubby fingers beside her friends hand on the black piece of marble. “Now go ahead and ask your question.”
Angelina’s soft voice trembled when she spoke, “Did my Sammy cheat on me with Sally Hamilton?” There wasn’t the slightest movement of the planchette under her hand.” She asked again and this time her voice was steady and strong, “Did my Sammy cheat on me with Sally?”
There was still no movement from the piece of black marble.”
Aaliya shouted, “Oh for Heaven sakes, stop fussing and farting around. You’ve got to act like you want to know the answer, before my dear Weejie will give it to you.” She pressed her fingers harder on the cold, shiny surface. “Is that bastard Sam Willard screwing around on my Angelina?”
The planchette shot right out from under Angelina’s hand. It zipped straight to the Y and then to the E and S. Aaliya Thomas snorted, “I knew it, I knew it. There you have it my dear girl, the truth at last.” She raised her left arm, placed it around her friend shoulders and pulled her closer.
The strong odour of unwashed underarm almost made Angie gag. She struggled to move away but her friend’s grip was too strong. “Let’s ask Weejie how many times they did it and where.”
Aaliya pulled her flabby arm back and chortled, “That’s the spirit my girl but let me ask this time. Please, pretty please with honey and cinnamon on top.”
Angelina drew in a lung full of almost rancid free air. “Of course you can ask the question.”


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