From the Other Side of Nowhere

The grin on Aailya’s double chinned face grew wider and held a hint of evil. “Just you wait and see.” She hurried over to the teak framed canopy bed and dumped the contents onto the pink satin bedspread.
A bas relief half moon was carved into the left top corner of the ebony box cover. This was complimented by a scattering of stars. In the center, a painted man wearing a long, flowing red robe and with a magician’s hat on his head seemed to be glaring at the two girls. Both irises of his eyes were coal black and each large pupil was flame red.
Angelina shivered as the evil eyes seemed to bore into her blue ones and into her soul. “Maybe mom is right Aailya, maybe we shouldn’t fool around with this. It looks wicked and filled with iniquity to me.” She sat down on her bed as far away as she could from the malevolent looking box.
AlleyThomas plopped down beside her and snorted, “Come on Ange, you don’t want to be a chicken all your life, do you? You want to find out if Sammy’s cheating on you with Sally, don’t you? Besides you never minded until my father and your mother started preaching to you. Now do you want to know if Sammy is cheating on you or just bragging to make him-self look cool?”
The teen mumbled, “Yes, I guess so.”
“Well come on then and let’s ask my Ouija board. Weejie always gives me the right answers.”
When Angelina replied she sounded half convinced, “But your dad says things like that are tools of the devil.”
Aaliya tittered, “Reverend Robert Williams says that about a lot of things, including rap. That hasn’t stopped you form listing to rap has it? The good reverend goes on and on and on about hell fire and damnation. Why if I was to listen to him, I’d sit around in my room reading the bible and listening to gospel music six days a week. Then I would spend every Sunday in church listening to his long winded sermons.”
“That’s no way to talk about your dad.”
Aaliya Thomas grinned, “I love pops dearly, honest I do, but I just can’t stand being preached at all day long. I want to live a little and have some fun before I get old like him. Now come on, do you want to try my friend Weejie?”
Angelina’s, “I suppose so,” still didn’t sound very convincing.
“Oh come on you stick in the mud, there’s no way that a piece of wood and a piece of marble can be evil.” Aaliya Thomas opened up the square ebony box beside her unpleasantly plump frame. A pudgy hand took out the Ouija board. She rested half of the oak board on her lap and the other half of it on her friend’s lap. Back went the hand into the container. This time when it came out, the short, fat fingers held a black marble planchette. It had a smiley faced, horned devil carved into the polished surface.
Angie growled, “How, how do you use the damned thing?”


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