From the Other Side of Nowhere

Aailya lifted the lid and exposed the folded up game board and snorted, “See.”
Hanna stretched out her slender right hand and removed the piece of pasteboard from the box. She dumped the die and game pieces onto the counter. She pulled out the liner and added it to the pile. “You two haven’t played this game since you were ten when you told everyone that only children played board games. So why now?”
Aaliya Thomas smiled for the first time since she had come into the Davis home, twenty minutes ago. Her phony smile held no warmth or sign of being friendly. She gushed, “Playing board games is the cool thing to do now.” She paused before adding; “Besides I thought it might take Angelina’s mind off of her break up with Sam Willard. It may even cheer her up if she wins a few games.”
“Oh honey, I’m so sorry, what happened?” A warm smile brightened up Hanna’s face. Her grey eyes watered. A few unnoticed tears escaped the corners and ran down her cheeks. “He seemed to be such a nice boy too. Always smiling and helping out all the time. What on earth did you do to him?”
The Thomas girl blurted out, “It wasn’t Angie’s fault. That little bastard cheated on her and with our best friend to.”
Mrs. Davis’s jaw dropped and her voice was full of surprise, “My goodness girl, what language and from a minister’s daughter. I can’t imagine your parents condoning that sort of talk.” She turned her sorrow filled eyes towards her little girl, her baby, “What did Sammy do, kiss her. Why that’s nothing Angelina. You’ve gone and kissed other boys since you two started   going out together.”
Aaliya answered for her friend, “That dirty rat fink screwed Sally Hamilton in the girl’s locker room and bragged about it to all the boys.”
“Aailya Thomas you should be ashamed of yourself. Now any more of that gutter talk and you can just go home.” Hanna bit her tongue to keep the curse words racing through her mind from escaping her wide open mouth.
Angelina growled, “Just stay out of our business mother,” and shoved everything back into the box. She grabbed her friend by the hand and stormed out of the kitchen. She didn’t stop or even slow down as her mother’s muttered, “Sorry,” followed behind them.
Once the pair was out of earshot Angie stopped and grinned at Aailya, “Mother’s, sometimes I wish I was any other place but here.”
The two teens bust into a fit of giggles that didn’t end until they were safe and secure inside Angelina’s large, neat bedroom. There was no pile of dirty clothes, no speck of dust, nothing out of place to mare its pristine perfection.
Aailya let go of her friends hand and rushed over to the large window on the west wall. She pushed the blue satin curtain to one side and eased the frame upwards.
Her head and half her body disappeared out the opening. When she reappeared there was a grin on her face and a green silk shopping bag in her right hand.”
Angie gave her best friend a suspicious look, “What do you have there, Alley?”


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