From the Other Side of Nowhere

Hanna Davis gave the bright red plastic shopping bag clutched in Aaliya Thomas’s chubby right hand a suspicious look. “What do you have in your bag Aaliya. She didn’t give the teenager a chance to answer. “It better not be that damned Ouija board. I won’t have that devilish contraption in my home.” This time her usually friendly voice was cold and full of anger.
Seventeen-year-old Aaliya Thomas looked down at her scuffed, size eleven red and white running shoes. She mumbled, “No miz Davies, it’s not my friend Weejie.”
“What is it then?”
“It’s only my Parcheesi game, “Aaliya kept her big brown eyes glued to the red marble tiles of the Davis’s kitchen floor.
Hanna barked, “Look me in the eye when you talk, unless you have something to hide.”
The teen tilted her head upwards; her doggy brown eyes were filled with the light of defiance,
“It’s only my game.”
Mrs. Davis demanded, “Let me see it then.”
Sixteen-year-old Angelina Davis removed the last clean glass from the blue dishwasher and set it on thecounter top. She turned and glared at her mother, “Hanna, you don’t have any business snooping around in my friend’s things. How would you like it if every time one of your friends came over I snooped around in their purses? You wouldn’t and I don’t like it when you snoop around in my friend’s things. Come on Aaliya, let’s go to my room where we can have a a little bit of privacy.”
Hanna tried to suppress the rising tide of anger, but it was already too strong, “Neither of you girls are going to go any place until I see what’s in that bag. If you don’t want to show it to me Aaliya, then you can just turn around and go back home.”
Aaliya Thomas sighed and placed the bag on the counter top. She slipped her hand into the box and pulled out a square, red cardboard box.”
Mrs. Davis still felt doubt growing in her mind, but she tried to make her voice pleasant before speaking. “Would you open it please?”
“Honestly mother,” Angie stomped her right foot and furrows ploughed themselves deep into her smooth forehead. “Why do you have to always accuse me and Aaliya of lying? I just wish for once you’d trust us.”
There was no give to Hanna’s manner or voice, “I’m Waiting.”


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