Yesterday is as Tomorrow was

Blue skies
weep tears
of sadness.

Dark skies smile
rainbows of the sun.

Winter brings
frosted roses.
Summer greenness
is new born
by Mays
first thunder.

Old ones
listen deep
to love songs.
They weep
in sad,
lost remembering.

Children play
in flowered meadows
and believe
that they are
forever young.

Lovers enjoy
their nakedness.
Revel in desire.
Surrender anew
to awakened lust.

A new mother
feeds her baby.
White milk flows
from beating heart.

World turns,
time flows,
old things
are new.
New things
turn to dust.

The same old
dreams of sameness
fade at last,
into a purple haze.

Love wakens,
chains of ice
break into
brilliant crystals.
A frozen heart
beats warm again.


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